Seaweed Extract Powder And Flakes

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Seaweed Extract Gel

₹ 150 /Kg Get Latest Price

Packaging Size50 kg
Target CropsAll Crops
Grade StandardAgricultural
Type Of Fertilizers/Manureorganic fertilizer

Minimum order quantity: 50 Kg

As a highly reputable formulator, we specialize in the development of seaweed gel formulations engineered to significantly enhance the productivity of agricultural crops. Our commitment to excellence and innovation ensures that our seaweed gel products are meticulously crafted to deliver optimal results. With a focus on leveraging the natural benefits of seaweed, our formulations promote improved nutrient uptake, enhanced stress tolerance, and overall plant health. Trusted by farmers worldwide, our seaweed gel is a proven solution for maximizing yields and achieving sustainable agricultural practices. Moreover, with a good shelf life and superior consistency, our seaweed gel ensures long-lasting efficacy and ease of application, further enhancing its value to farmers. Partner with us to elevate the productivity and resilience of your crops with our premium seaweed gel formulations.

Zyme Liquid Organic Seaweed Liquid

₹ 90 /Litre Get Latest Price

Packaging Size50 Litre
Packaging TypeDrum
Grade StandardOrganic
Target CropsPlants
Usage/ApplicationIncreasing fruit set and size

Minimum order quantity: 50 Litre

As a prominent manufacturer of zyme liquid for agricultural use, we specialize in creating high-quality formulations that promote yield increase and enhance the overall health of plants across various crops. Our zyme liquid is meticulously crafted to deliver essential enzymes, nutrients, and growth stimulants that optimize plant metabolism and vitality. With a focus on versatility and effectiveness, our product is suitable for all types of crops, offering comprehensive support for their growth and development. Trusted by farmers worldwide, our zyme liquid is a proven solution for maximizing yields, improving crop quality, and fostering sustainable agricultural practices. Choose our expertise to elevate the health and productivity of your crops with our premium zyme liquid

Seaweed Extract Flakes

₹ 300 /Kg Get Latest Price

Packaging Size25 kg
Target CropsAll Crops
Grade StandardAgricultural
Type Of Fertilizers/Manureorganic fertilizer

Minimum order quantity: 100 Kg

We're your trusted supplier of high-quality Seaweed Extract in shiny flakes form, renowned for its full water solubility and rich content of Alginic acid and essential nutrients tailored for agricultural use.

Our Seaweed Extract shines with numerous benefits for agriculture:

  1. Full Water Solubility: Our product dissolves completely in water, ensuring easy application and efficient absorption by plants.

  2. High Alginic Acid Content: Packed with alginic acid, it enhances soil structure, promotes nutrient retention, and improves water absorption, fostering healthier plant growth.

  3. Nutrient-Rich Formulation: Enriched with a balanced blend of nutrients, including trace elements, it provides comprehensive plant nutrition for optimal development and resilience.

  4. Enhanced Crop Performance: Stimulates root development, boosts plant metabolism, and enhances stress resistance, resulting in higher yields, improved quality, and increased crop resilience.

  5. Sustainable and Organic: Derived from natural seaweed sources, our extract is environmentally friendly and suitable for organic farming practices.

Seaweed Extract Powder Flakes

₹ 300 /Kg Get Latest Price

Packaging Size25 kg
Target CropsAll Crops
Grade StandardAgricultural
Type Of Fertilizers/ManureOrganic fertilizers

Minimum order quantity: 100 Kg

Seaweed extract (Ascophyllam Nodosum), which is a large common brown alga in the family Fucaceae, being the only species in the genus Ascophyllam.  It has been used as an organic and mainstream fertilizer for many varieties of crops due to its combination of both macro-nutrients, (eg. N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S) and Micro-nutrients (eg. Mn, Cu, Fe, Zn, etc.). it can be used in foliar applications, Soil Applications / Drip Irrigation.


Benefits         :

1)       It hosts Cytokinin, auxin, gibberellins, betaines, mannitol, organic acids, polysaccharides, amino acids, and proteins which are all beneficial for crops.

2)       It improves both the growth and productivity of agricultural crops by increasing nutrient availability and uptake.  

3)       It improves the tolerance ability of plants to abiotic Stress.

4)       It also plays an important role in nitrogen metabolism and assimilation.

5)       It enhances the growth of leafy vegetables.

Packing :               20 Kg / 25 Kg Bag / Cartoon Packing.


Sr. no.


Percentage (w/w)



Black Flakes



Marine Like



10 – 11


Alginic Acid

15 – 18 %


Potassium (as K2O)

8.0 – 10 %


Nitrogen (as N)

0.5 – 1.0 %


Phosphorous (as P2O5)

0.05 – 0.15 %


Organic Carbon

20 – 26 %


Protein Content

2.50 – 4.50 %



Easily Soluble in water


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