Humic Acids & Potassium humates

Looking for a reliable source of potassium humate? Look no further! We are a leading importer and bulk supplier of various grades and types of potassium humate to meet your specific needs.

What We Offer:

  • Extensive Selection: We carry a wide range of potassium humate grades and types in powder , flakes and crystal forms , ensuring you find the perfect solution for your application.
  • Bulk Quantities: We specialize in bulk supply, making us the ideal partner for large-scale agrochemical  operations.
  • Unbeatable Quality: We source our potassium humate from trusted producers arround the world and maintain rigorous quality control standards.

Why Choose Us:

  • Experience and Expertise: We have extensive experience in the industry and can provide expert advice on choosing the right potassium humate for your needs.
  • Competitive Prices: We offer competitive pricing on bulk quantities, helping you optimize your budget.
  • Reliable Supply: We maintain a consistent supply chain to ensure you receive your potassium humate on time and in full with authentic test certificates.

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Super Potassium Humate

₹ 140 /Kg Get Latest Price

Packaging Size25 kg
Purity98 %
Packaging TypeBag
Target CropsVegetables

Minimum order quantity: 100 Kg

As an importer and bulk supplier, we specialize in offering a diverse range of potassium humates, catering to various agricultural needs. Our extensive selection includes different grades and types of potassium humates, ensuring compatibility with different soil types and crop requirements. With a commitment to quality and reliability, we provide consistent and cost-effective solutions to farmers, growers, and agricultural businesses worldwide. Partner with us to access premium potassium humates that enhance soil fertility, improve crop yields, and promote sustainable agriculture practices.

Pottassium huamates are available in powder , crystal and shiny flakes forms for variable requirements of our esteemed customers

It is a blend of Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, and Potash and is easily soluble in water. It is environmentally safe & does not contaminate Ground Water or Soil. It reduces the availability of toxic substances in the soil. It can be applied directly to the soil or by foliar means and drip irrigation.


Benefits :

1)       It helps in Root Development.

2)       It improves the porosity & water holding capacity of the soil.

3)       It increases nutrient uptake & drought Tolerance.

4)       It increases photosynthesis in plants.

5)       It increases microbial activity in the soil.

6)       It helps to sustain A-Biotic Stress.

7)       It increases the Size, Weight, Color & Shine of Agricultural Produce. Thereby resulting in higher yield and better quality of the produce.

Packing : 25 Kg / 26 Kg Bag Packing.



Sr. No.





Black Flakes (Free Flowing)


Humic Acid (dry Basis)

50 – 60 %


Fulvic Acid (dry Basis)

8 – 10 %


Potassium as K2O

10 – 12%






9 – 10



More than 99%


Humic Acid Powder

₹ 30 /Kg Get Latest Price

Packaging25 Kg Bag
Packaging Size25 kg
Usage/ApplicationAll Crops
Packaging TypeBag

Minimum order quantity: 100 Kg

We are distinguished leader in supplying premium humic acid powder suitable for soil application.It is insolubility in water, and available cost effectively for sustained benefits to soil health and crop productivity and for formulations of biofertilizers .

Physical Properties and Uses:

  1. Soil Enrichment: Our humic acid powder, insoluble in water,enriches soil structure and fertility. Its fine texture facilitates even distribution, enhancing soil aeration, moisture retention, and nutrient availability for sustained plant growth.

  2. Nutrient Retention: With exceptional cation exchange capacity (CEC), our humic acid powder effectively binds and retains essential nutrients, preventing leaching and ensuring their gradual release to plants. This property maximizes fertilizer efficiency and reduces nutrient runoff, promoting eco-friendly agricultural practices.

  3. pH Regulation: Acting as a natural pH buffer, our humic acid powder helps stabilize soil pH levels, creating an optimal environment for microbial activity and nutrient uptake. This regulation fosters a balanced soil ecosystem conducive to healthy plant development and disease resistance.

  4. Water Management: Incorporating our humic acid powder into soil improves water infiltration and drainage, mitigating risks of waterlogging and soil compaction. By enhancing soil structure and porosity, it promotes root growth and resilience to drought stress, optimizing water management in agricultural operations.

  5. Crop Performance: Applied as a soil amendment, our humic acid powder enhances overall crop performance by stimulating root development, increasing nutrient absorption, and improving stress tolerance. This results in higher yields, improved crop quality, and greater resistance to adverse environmental conditions.

  6. Environmental Sustainability: Our humic acid powder supports sustainable agriculture by promoting soil health and reducing reliance on chemical inputs. It aids in carbon sequestration, mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, and fostering soil resilience to climate change, contributing to long-term environmental sustainability.

In conclusion, our humic acid powder, designed exclusively for soil application, offers a myriad of benefits to agriculture, soil management, and environmental sustainability. With its unique physical properties and versatile uses, it serves as a cornerstone of modern farming practices, empowering growers to achieve optimal results ecconomically while preserving the health and vitality of our precious land.

Specifications - 
Colour                    -  blackish brown powder
Particle size            -   100-120 mesh 
Huimic Acid content -  50-60 % 
Solubility                - Insoluble in water 
packing                  - 25/50 kg bags

Main Functions 

 Largely promote the buffering power and fertility of soil by improving the structure and increasing its organic matter. 2. Neutralize both acidic and alkaline to make it into a optimized soil environment with pH 5.5-7.0. 3. Foster proper environment for soil microbial mass.


1. Base fertilizer : For field crop, 50- 100kgs/ha per crop season. 2. For fruit trees, 10-kgs per plant. For vegetables, 1-2kg/m2. 3. Mix additive: 30- 60kgs per ton of composite.(suggested mix use withUrea and MAP

Humic Acid Liquid Fertilizer

₹ 50 /Litre Get Latest Price

Packaging Size50 litre
Target CropsAll Crops
Grade StandardAgricultural

Minimum order quantity: 200 Litre

As a leading manufacturer of humic acid liquid, we specialize in producing high-quality formulations enriched with organic matter beneficial for soil health and plant growth. Our innovative manufacturing processes ensure the preservation of humic substances' integrity, delivering potent solutions that enhance nutrient uptake, improve soil structure, and boost crop productivity. Partner with us to unlock the potential of humic acid liquid for sustainable agriculture practices.

Humic acid offers several benefits to crops:

  1. Enhanced Nutrient Uptake: It chelates essential nutrients, making them more available to plants, thus improving nutrient absorption and utilization.

  2. Improved Soil Structure: It promotes soil aggregation, leading to better water retention, aeration, and drainage, which enhances root development and reduces soil erosion.

  3. Stress Resistance: Humic acid enhances plant resilience to environmental stressors such as drought, salinity, and extreme temperatures, helping crops withstand adverse conditions.

  4. Increased Yield: By optimizing nutrient availability and plant health, humic acid contributes to increased crop yields and quality.

  5. Stimulated Growth: It promotes root and shoot growth, leading to healthier and more vigorous plants with improved biomass production.

  6. Bio-Stimulation: Humic acid stimulates beneficial microbial activity in the soil, fostering nutrient cycling, disease suppression, and overall soil health.

  7. pH Regulation: It helps buffer soil pH, maintaining optimal conditions for nutrient availability and microbial activity.

  8. Detoxification: Humic acid can immobilize heavy metals and toxins in the soil, reducing their availability to plants and minimizing their harmful effects.

  9. Crop Quality: It enhances the nutritional value, flavor, and shelf life of crops, making them more desirable in the market.

  10. Environmental Sustainability: By promoting sustainable agricultural practices, the use of humic acid contributes to soil conservation, reduced chemical inputs, and overall environmental health.

Humic Acid Granules

₹ 15 /Kg Get Latest Price

Packaging Size50 kg
Packaging TypeBag
Target CropsAll Crops
Grade StandardAgricultural

Minimum order quantity: 500 Kg

We are trusted manufacturer of humic acid granules, providing a natural and effective solution to enhance soil fertility and plant growth. Our premium-quality humic acid coated  granules having optimize nutrient availability, improve soil structure, and promote sustainable agriculture practices. Elevate your crop yields and soil health with our reliable humic acid supply.

Humic acid plays a crucial role in enhancing soil fertility by improving nutrient availability, soil structure, and water retention. In agriculture, it is often used as a soil conditioner and a supplement to boost plant growth and overall soil health. Its ability to chelate minerals and improve nutrient uptake makes humic acid a valuable addition to various agricultural practices.We provide granules coated with 3 % , 6 % and 12 % humic acid along with other benificial nutrients

Fulvic Acid Powder

₹ 150 /Kg Get Latest Price

Packaging Size25 kg
Purity80 %
Packaging TypeBag
Target CropsAll Crops

Welcome to our esteemed line of products! We take pride in supplying the highest quality Fulvic Acid powder, known for its purity and effectiveness in agriculture. Our Fulvic Acid powder is meticulously crafted to meet stringent standards, offering farmers a reliable solution for enhancing soil fertility and promoting plant growth. Trusted by agricultural experts globally, our product supports robust crop development, improves nutrient absorption, and enhances overall yield and quality. Partner with us to access premium Fulvic Acid powder and harness its diverse benefits for sustainable agricultural success.

Fulvic acid powder offers several beneficial uses in agriculture:

  1. Soil Amendment: Fulvic acid powder can be applied to the soil to improve soil structure, increase water retention, and enhance soil aeration, promoting overall soil health and fertility.

  2. Nutrient Uptake: It chelates essential nutrients, making them more available to plants for uptake, thereby improving nutrient absorption and utilization by crops.

  3. Plant Growth Promotion: Fulvic acid powder stimulates root development, enhances seed germination, and promotes overall plant growth, leading to healthier and more vigorous crops.

  4. Stress Resistance: It enhances plants' resistance to environmental stresses such as drought, heat, and salinity, helping crops withstand adverse conditions and reducing yield losses.

  5. Enhanced Fertilizer Efficiency: When used in conjunction with fertilizers, fulvic acid powder can improve the efficiency of nutrient uptake, reducing nutrient leaching and runoff, and maximizing the benefits of applied fertilizers.

  6. Microbial Activity: Fulvic acid powder stimulates beneficial microbial activity in the soil, promoting nutrient cycling, improving soil structure, and enhancing plant-microbe interactions.

  7. pH Regulation: It helps buffer soil pH, maintaining optimal conditions for nutrient availability and microbial activity, thus supporting healthier plant growth.

  8. Crop Quality: Fulvic acid powder can improve the quality of crops by enhancing nutrient content, flavor, color, and shelf life, resulting in more desirable produce for consumers.

Overall, fulvic acid powder serves as a versatile agricultural input, contributing to improved soil fertility, enhanced plant growth, and increased crop productivity, thereby supporting sustainable and profitable farming practices.

Super Potassium Humate Crystal

₹ 120 /Kg Get Latest Price

Packaging Size25 kg
Packaging TypeBag
Target CropsAll Crops
Grade StandardAgricultural
Type Of Fertilizers/ManureORGANIC FERTILIZERS

Minimum order quantity: 25 Kg


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