Gluconates Based Fertilizers

 Gluconate-based fertilizers have been found to improve the availability of essential nutrients to plants. The gluconate molecule acts as a chelating agent, forming stable complexes with micronutrients such as iron, zinc, manganese, and copper. These complexes prevent nutrient precipitation and enhance their absorption by plant roots.
Gluconate-based fertilizers can provide a balanced supply of essential nutrients to plants. They can be formulated to contain a range of macro and micronutrients in optimal ratios tailored to specific crop requirements. This helps address nutrient deficiencies and promotes healthy plant growth.
The balanced nutrient supply provided by gluconate-based fertilizers can contribute to improved crop quality. Adequate levels of essential nutrients promote healthy plant development, leading to higher yields of better-quality produce. 
The chelating properties of Formulated gluconate-based fertilizers also contribute to increased nutrient uptake efficiency. By forming stable complexes with nutrients, these fertilizers protect them from being immobilized or leached away in the soil. This ensures that a higher proportion of applied nutrients are taken up by plants, leading to improved crop yields.
Gluconate fertilizers help plants handle tough conditions like lack of water, high salt, and very hot or cold weather. The chelated nutrients help maintain optimal physiological processes in plants, even under challenging environmental conditions. This can result in better crop performance and resilience.
The use of gluconate-based fertilizers can have positive effects on soil health. These fertilizers can enhance microbial activity in the soil, promoting the decomposition of organic matter and nutrient cycling processes. This leads to improved soil structure, nutrient availability, and overall fertility.
Gluconate-based fertilizers are generally considered environmentally friendly compared to traditional fertilizers. Due to their chelating properties, they reduce the risk of nutrient runoff and leaching into water bodies, which can cause water pollution and eutrophication. Additionally, their targeted nutrient delivery reduces the need for excessive fertilizer application, minimizing the potential for environmental damage.

Zinc Gluconate ( Powder/Liquid)

Magnessium Gluconate ( Powder/Liquid)

Potassium Gluconate Liquid

Calcium Gluconate


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