Orthosilicic acid

Ortho silicic acid promotes the growth of stronger, more vigorous crops by enhancing root development, increasing resistance to stress, and positively impacting the plant's energy management. Meanwhile, amino acids boost various physiological functions in plants, including seed germination, flowering, pollination, and the setting and development of fruit.

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sodium nitrophenolate

Sodium nitrophenolate is a potent cellular agent that swiftly penetrates plant tissues, enhancing the movement of cellular protoplasm and boosting cell activity. It accelerates growth, breaks dormancy, and promotes development. Additionally, it helps prevent petal drop, improves product quality and yield, and strengthens resistance to diseases, pests, drought, alkali conditions, and lodging. This compound is extensively utilized in food crops, cash crops, vegetables, fruits, oil crops, and flowers.

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amino acid 65 % liquid

Amino acids offer numerous benefits to plants, contributing to their overall health and productivity:

  1. Improved Germination: Amino acids provide essential nutrients that enhance seed germination rates and vigor.

  2. Enhanced Growth and Development: They are vital for protein synthesis, which is crucial for cell growth and development.

  3. Stress Resistance: Amino acids help plants cope with various stresses such as drought, salinity, and temperature extremes by stabilizing cell structures and protecting against oxidative damage.

  4. Better Nutrient Absorption: They facilitate the efficient uptake and transport of nutrients within the plant, leading to improved nutrient utilization.

  5. Boosted Photosynthesis: Amino acids play a role in the formation of chlorophyll, thereby enhancing the photosynthetic capacity of plants.

  6. Increased Flowering and Fruit Setting: They stimulate the production of hormones and other growth regulators that are essential for flowering and fruit set.

  7. Enhanced Pollination: Amino acids contribute to pollen viability and the overall efficiency of the pollination process.

  8. Improved Fruit Quality: They support the development and maturation of fruits, leading to better yield and quality.

  9. Stimulated Root Development: Amino acids promote root growth, resulting in a more extensive root system that can absorb more water and nutrients.

  10. Overall Plant Health: By supporting various physiological processes, amino acids contribute to the general health and resilience of plants.

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